Judith F. Feinleib, Principal

Judith F. Feinleib, Ph.D., works in a wide variety of areas including social media updating ad content creation, rewriting and editing and strategy, process and communications.  She is a Belmont, Massachusetts Town Meeting Member and a member of the Everett C. Benton Library Board of Directors. 


Ms. Feinleib wrote the proposal that resulted in transforming a closed branch library into the Benton, a functioning volunteer operation serving Belmont, Watertown, Waltham, Cambridge and Lexington.  She is responsible for social media and list serve posting for the library.  Her rewriting and editing skills have been used by any number of political campaigns.

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All these services are available at LFIC Intelligent Consulting.  They can be used by individuals, one person shops, start-ups and established small to large establishments, retail shops, and commercial and service organizations.  Services are structured so that anyone who needs help has an affordable way to get it.   

Ms. Feinleib created the Facebook Updater, an inexpensive service that lets clients use their Facebook pages to the greatest advantage.  Facebook pages that are up-to-date are good for business but despite the best of intentions are rarely kept that way.  Ms. Feinleib’s Facebook roster includes the Benton Library and Beth El Temple Center.  She has handled posting for a number of Belmont campaigns.

An expert in commercial and corporate communications, Ms. Feinleib has created a number of significant methodologies.  Among them are Horizontal Mentoring, a revolutionary approach to corporate communications discussed in depth on this website, The Electronic Umbrella, an approach that melds people and technology seamlessly making possible for them to work together regardless of location, and the Process Gates Methodology, designed for iRevolution, plc. to streamline internal business processes.

One of Ms. Feinleib’s strengths is in-depth interviewing.  Adept at obtaining depth and nuance from interviewees regardless of corporate or organizational position, she converts dialogue into conclusions and action points her clients actually use. Her white paper, Qualitative Research Interviewing Techniques — The In-Depth or Strategic Approach, lays out the rationale for using in-depth or strategic techniques.

As a principal at The Feinleib Group, an international management consulting firm, Ms. Feinleib consulted for organizations from start-ups to large international conglomerates. The company concentrated on strategic planning as it affected trade and business issues in the global economy.

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