Never Used Facebook for Professional or Business Purposes?

If you’ve never used Facebook for professional or business purposes, you might want to think about doing so.  Why?  Because Facebook is one of many tools that can be used for electronic communications.  It’s a mistake to limit business communications to outlets such as LinkedIn is the way to go for business and professional purposes.  In fact, more outlets get the word out to more people. 

Feeling as though you don’t have time or energy for one more thing?  Yes, I can set up the page and keep it going.  It won’t take much of your time and it won’t be expensive.  The service is called the Facebook Updater.  See the whole thing or take a look at what’s involved in setting up a page below. 

New Facebook Page

  • Conference(s) with client
  • Identification of materials
  • Setting up the page
  • Editing initial materials
  • Pictures provided by client or readily obtainable by me in jpg or png format
  • Includes one post set up consultation/review; subsequent reviews $20 each
  • Fee not including subsequent reviews $100 – $150