Social Media Communications

Most of us know that used well, social media can help us get the word out ― the word about ourselves and our activities, our businesses whether they are solo operations or larger companies, whether they deliver hard goods or services.  And we know we should be using social media in addition to email, to snail mail and to newspapers.  But while we all know this, we don’t always get what we should out of social media platforms.

Facebook is actually a communications tool.  It’s a way to connect.  We all know that sometimes the connection doesn’t occur effectively.  We know that sometimes it’s misused.  But that does not mean that you can’t use it well.  And objections to some of what Facebook does should not preclude taking advantage of the ability to use it as another tool to get the word out.

The Most Important Thing

What’s the most important thing?  To get information up on your social media platform(s) on a regular basis.  What’s a regular basis?  That depends on what is being conveyed. 

  • An individual business owner with hard goods to sell such as wine or clothing will likely have new material to get out to the public at least once a week and perhaps even every few days – providing time is made to do this. 
  • That will also be true for a larger business with goods to sell – providing time is made to do this,
  • Service oriented businesses  be they individual operations, start-ups or larger organizations, will not have those specifics but must rely on ideas.  It’s harder for these groups to think of new material but it’s equally important to do so and to make the time to do so.

No matter who you are, the idea is to keep information coming to the public so that what you have to put out there gets noticed.

How Much Do You Really Need?

So you don’t have new products to show or an startling change in the services you offer?  It’s OK.  All you need is a snippet.  Something to keep people up to date.  And then when you have something longer, you can put it up or put it into a website blog and direct people there.

The Ap Changed!!!

Have they changed the ap?  Facebook just changed.  Don’t panic.  In general, the application maker will have everything that used to be there rearranged a bit as well as a few new items. Take your time, take a look ― and then give it a try.

Haven’t Done the Blog or your Social Media Pages for a While?

Have you been feeling a bit uninspired?  Perhaps you’re in the doldrums.  Perhaps you’ve only done a little or not done anything at all with your Facebook page or with a blog if you have one.  Yes, it would be nice if that hadn’t happened but all is not lost.  Take a deep breath, and dive in and do this.  And yes, you can contact me so I can help.