Innovative Spending In Uncertain Times

Most companies – big to small – hesitate to spend money on projects that aren’t the nuts and bolts of the business even when times are good.  They hesitate to draw on their people and use their knowledge to solve problems across the company.  The hesitation can become a gap when times are uncertain and that makes operating effectively even harder.

Because of that, spending money – even if it’s a small amount on a structured but innovative project ― makes a big difference especially during something like the Covid-19 pandemic.  Keeping staff morale in good shape and using staff know-how to solve problems is even more important now than it was before the pandemic struck.

The time to see who might be willing and able to be innovative is when times are hard and money is tight.  It the time to see if a small firm can fashion an approach and do it for a reasonable price.  Most small firms will do an exploratory session to see whether this is possible.  Many – particularly in Covid-19 times – will tailor an approach that will work for you and for them – and will allow you to find ways to proceed in this strange new world in which we will have to function for the foreseeable future.

Do I want to persuade you to talk to me about this?  Yes.  These are all activities where I can help you take advantage of the knowledge your people have so that it’s used to advantage throughout your business. 

  • Will the time it takes your staff to do this take away from you being able to get going again?  No. 
  • What it will do is make things more efficient and mean that you actually do get the best out of your staff … and do the best for your business. 

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