Horizontal Mentoring in the Post Covid-19 Office ― A Variation on the Theme

Horizontal Mentoring occurs when help is given cross company lines ― between divisions, sections, workgroups and so on.  The critical point is that experience and know-how do not need to be shared vertically between people with the same backgrounds but can be shared across lines. 

As we begin to accept that there will be  semi-permanent or even permanent work changes caused by Covid-19, the approach becomes even more relevant.  During the lock-down, to the extent possible, people worked from home – virtually.  Some companies have decided that their employees can continue to do this.  Others are considering rotating people in an out of offices so that staff can be in the office some of the time and at home the rest of it.  Whatever the format, help from people who are used to working out of the house with colleagues who are in other locations be these a few miles away or in other countries, is essential to creating a new and successful work environment. 

Working out of the house, in offices, with colleagues in different parts of the United States and in different European countries is something I’ve done for years. This variation let’s you use me and my experience as your Horizontal Mentor. Call me or email and let’s talk!