Moving Forward With Covid-19 As a Fact of Life

Here we are.  The spikes in Covid-19 across the country and especially in the South and West are telling us oud and clear that we’re all going to have to be careful and stay cautious.  It’s becoming more clear that where possible some people will continue to work from home and others may go in to work.  People may rotate in and out.  People may have to be at the office all the time even as they do as much as possible to stay apart. 

No matter how work is arranged, there will be a continuation of the isolation that began in March, 2020 when Covid-19 stared taking a toll on the United States and Europe.  Given the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases will this isolation be necessary to make sure people stay well so that businesses can stay alive?  Absolutely.  Will it make any difference to business cohesion?  And does this matter?  The answer to both these questions is yes.    

Even under what used to be ordinary circumstances, communication across company lines and positions ― Horizontal Mentoring ― added to a company’s cohesion and problem solving abilities.  Under what are becoming normal circumstances when people must stay apart to stay alive and well, an investment in Horizontal Mentoring will let people connect.  It will let them share experiences across lines and regardless of expertise and seniority.  And it will make it much more possible for a business to flourish. 

Is it a bit scary to invest both time and a little money in what sounds like a side program when times are so hard?  Yes indeed.  But the payoff is time saved and a staff whose morale is good enough to let them get on with the work that needs doing efficiently.